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Cuisine on Charter Gulets

Gulet culinary experience

Eating on a Gulet

Sailing aboard a Gulet is an experience you will never forget, especially because you are virtually on a "floating hotel" - pampered and taken care of. That includes being fed with marvelous food and all kinds of treats reflecting local cuisine and traditional menus - since charter gulets are most popular in the Mediterranean, menus include the finest fish, aromatic olive oil, fine cheeses, pilafs, the most tender lamb meat, vegetable casseroles, salads, fresh fruit and desserts you can only think of. And all that fresh and prepared by trained and skilled chefs. So, certainly, when sailing Croatia, Turkey or Greece you will be served Mediterranean cuisine - the healthiest in the world - only slightly differing in the menus or ways of preparation.





Gulet and drinks

Drinking on a Gulet

Naturally, water is always best and healthiest choice accompanying a meal or just quenching thirst during hot days. Various types of natural or packed juices and soft drinks are always stocked up, as well as beers, spirits, tea and coffee. Since Gulet is certainly the most relaxed way of cruising the seas, you can relax and order a drink or two in a bar on a gulet, or order them in advance at your charter company so that they can purchase them and later give you the invoice. Those can be various sweet liquors or alcoholic beverages reflecting local tradition of the place you are sailing - such as Greek ouzo, Turkish raki or Croatian Lozovača or Šljivovica, as well as various wines of indigenous sorts of grapes - and you will get to choose among the finests sorts! Cheers!

Gulet Cuisine in More Detail

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